Kitchen Accessories

Kitchens Accessories

SKU Product Dimensions
51-001 Kitchen Tap -
51-002 Gas Stove and Accessories -
51-005 Gas stove fittings (propane / butane) -
51-003 Fridge Small -
51-004 Fridge Big -
52-001 Fridge casing 150 -
52-002 Fridge casing 90 -
52-003 Fridge casing 150 + Shelve -
52-004 Fridge casing 200 + Shelve -
53-001 Kitchen shelf 125 - 30 -
53-002 Kitchen shelf 140 - 30 -
Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories Our kitchens come with a number of optional accessories to choose from to complement the look and functionality of the kitchen.

  • Wall Set - Brings an additional dimension to the kitchen as shelves can be hung above the worktop and creates a stylish wooden backdrop
  • Small and large electrical fridge
  • Freestanding fridge casing for those bigger tents and lodges
  • 4 ring gas stove with splash back panel and lid
  • Sink taps
  • LED kitchen shelf lights
  • Kitchen shelves in 4 different sizes

Recycled Scaffolding Boards

When scaffold boards reach the end of their professional lives, they go into retirement and they're no longer used by Scaffold companies.

This is when the boards need a new loving home and what better place to retire, in the tranquil countryside in a Safari Tent or Safari Lodge!

One aspect of scaffolding furniture is that the materials used are recycled, making it a perfect match for glamping and the environment. Each piece of furniture is unique in its markings and finishes and has it's very own story.

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