Bedouin Safari Tent

Bedouin Safari Tent

With the development of our own Bedouin tent, Clear Sky has gone back to the origin of the safari tent by producing a tent that would have been familiar to the ancient desert wanders. Using the original north African tent as inspiration and combining this with the modern luxury and comfort expected today, we have successfully brought the atmosphere of the East to the West.

This unique and Exclusive Tent is designed and produced in Europe and sets the standard for alternative accommodation in the glamping market. The Bedouin tent is available in 2 sizes and many colours to make sure it fits with your glamping site.

The interior can come with bathroom integrated and is large enough to sleep 6 people comfortably.

The Bedouin Safari Tents use Premium canvas which is simply the best out there in the market place due to its longevity and resistance to tear, spillage and fire. This canvas is manufactured in Holland using the very highest quality CampShield canvas from TenCate this innovative fabric, which as well as being waterproof and weather-resistant is also inherently flame retardant. And so this canvas meets the stringent European flame retardancy regulations, BS 7837: 1996, DIN 4102 part 1 - 1998 - Class B2, M1 Classification NF P 92-503 (1995), CSE RF 1/75/A (1984) ,Comfort CPAI 84.

Bedouin Safari Tent Dimensions

Code Inner Dimensions
BED1 7.7m x 5.7m
BED2 9.2m x 6.2m
GS2 9m x 5.4m

Tent Specifications:

  • • PVC skirt to protect canvas from ground conditions
  • • 420gsm inner tent canvas
  • • 650gsm thick PVC for outer cover
  • • Durable wooden frame
  • • Water repellent
  • • Fire retardent canvas

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