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Offering year round accommodation, safari and bell tents are a practical way to offer aspirational accommodation that will draw in guests offering that back-to-nature experience. And the return on investment is excellent, with low-set up costs you can re-coup your initial investment in less than 6 months, but the quality of our tents means they can be earning you money for 10-15 years.

Clear Sky offer a range of safari and bell tents to suit all needs and budgets. Whichever tent you purchase you can rest assured that they are all made to the highest standards using heavy weight canvas, they are totally waterproof and will not discolour.

Our Safari Tent Range

Our basic safari tent range includes two frame styles (The Steel and The Woody), two different canvas options (Premium and Superior) and three different size options ( 5mx 5m, 5m x 7m and 5m x 9m).

However there are also a range of colour options, flexibility in terms of layout and the option to create a bespoke tent if required. For more information just give us a call.

Steel versus Woody Frames

With frames made from galvanised steel you can expect long life and easy assembly from our great value for money Steel framed tents. Whereas the beautiful, natural look of the wooden framed Woody is more in keeping with some settings. Both frames are high quality and extremely durable and your choice comes down to budget, setting and personal preference.

Premium versus Superior Canvas

Once you have chosen your frame type, next comes the canvas. Our Premium canvas is simply the best in the market place as it uses the highest quality CampShield canvas from TenCate. As well as being extremely durable, this canvas is waterproof, weather resistant and inherently flame retardant providing extra security and protection. The Superior uses the high quality All Season Residential canvas from TenCate. Made from polyester, strength and durability is a given, but the tent canvas is also waterproof, breathable and weather-resistant.

Other options

Our 2-storey Lodge Safari Tents:

Most of the safari tents we sell are single storey, however our new 2-storey Lodges which offer not only more space and flexibility but a real wow factor.

Our Bell Tents:

What sets our bell tents apart from the rest is that they are all made from heavy duty canvas - the same canvas that we use to make our Safari Tents. That means they are completely waterproof, rot proof and built to last for 10-15 years. Compact and easy to assemble they really offer pop-up luxury accommodation!

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Steel Safari Tent

Steel Safari Tent

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Wooden Safari Tent

Woody Safari Tent

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Two Storey Safari Lodge

Two Storey Safari Lodge

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Safari Bell Tent

Bell Tent

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