Making money from safari tents

Safari tents are a low-cost way of increasing profits for any farmer, landownder, or camping business. There are two key factors which will determine what your return on investment will be.

1. Occupancy Rates: ie, how many nights your safari tent is let out for.

2. Your charges. In general, our customers charge between £75 and £100 per night in a Safari Tent. This depends largely on the location and the time of year. It is worth noting that, with the provision of a small burner, Safari Tents can be kept snug and warm and let out all year round. In fact here on our farm in Kent, we are still taking bookings coming up to Christmas!

The following table shows how many nights occupancy is required for a Safari Tent to pay for itself, based on varying charge out rates.

Cost per Night Occupancy
100 days 150 days 200 days 250 days 300 days
£75 £7,500 £11,250 £15,000 £18,750 £22,500
£80 £8,000 £12,000 £16,000 £20,000 £24,000
£90 £9,000 £13,500 £18,000 £22,500 £27,000
£100 £10,000 £15,000 £20,000 £25,000 £30,000

Based on the cost of a Superior 6m x 7m Safari Tent at £3,520+vat, allowing £2,000 for the base and internal decoration, you can recoup the cost of your Safari Tent in as little as 3 months. And with a lifespan of around 10 years that means over 9 years profit for you.

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